Your Child can Experience the Joy of Accomplishment in Math

Feb 28, 2018 | Naperville

A mom of a Mathnasium student took her six-year-old daughter to her swim lesson.

A group of older children and their parents were also in the pool for lessons. The older children had various special needs.

As the mom of the six-year-old sat poolside and watched this special group, she saw how parents and kids alike shared in the joy when a child braved putting a hand or foot in the water. They were singing songs and laughing and having a great time. They never once looked over at the other children swimming in the pool. They were too delightfully focused on their own path to worry about anyone else’s skills or progress.

That’s when the mom had an “aha” moment.  She realized that Mathnasium provides the same atmosphere for math students that the kids in this swimming class were experiencing. They were learning new skills without worrying what other kids were doing. She started to appreciate that at Mathnasium her son experiences the thrill of success and learning every day.

Kids who are both below grade level, and above grade level, enjoy Mathnasium because they get the satisfaction of learning. The mom recognized that people enjoy learning and progressing at their own speed.

Learning a new skill in math, or in the pool, feels great. It improves confidence and motivation.

Kids on both ends of the achievement spectrum in math deserve to feel that thrill of success. That’s one reason children progress quickly at Mathnasium of Naperville.

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