How Mathnasium of Northside San Antonio helps MOTIVATE students!

Feb 15, 2023 | Northside San Antonio

Glad you asked! Let’s take a sneak peak inside your local Mathnasium of Northside San Antonio and ask their instructors!

Q: What helps students in your center stay motivated?

A: Engaging instructors and a system based on positive recognition and rewards for progress.

Q: Tell us about the reward cabinet!

A: We have a variety of toys and cool stuff at various price points. Some students like to save for bigger prizes and others want to spend quick. The biggest in recent months has been the giant Squishmellows. Who knew that was a thing?

Q: How do students earn prizes from the reward cabinet?

A: The main way to win a prize is by completing the work assigned. Students that want to win big can refer their friends to Mathnasium. That gets them the Mathnasium equivalent of $50 and that's just for the student. Parents win with referrals too!

Q: How does your center celebrate student success?

A: We have various student recognition opportunities. Our favorite is the brag board and Nerd award.

Q: What is your favorite student success story?

A: We had a middle school girl that came in with headed down and hoodie up. She did not want to be there, at first. Over time, we watched her change. It's awesome to see. She actually stayed (by her request) with us through high school and even dropped by post high school to say hello.