It’s Holiday Time at Mathnasium of Okemos!

Dec 15, 2023 | Okemos

Q: How does your Center/re show festive spirit?

A: The kids all love our annual Harry Potter House Cup competition, which wraps up at the end of December. We always have a big turnout for the holiday open house where we award the house cup to the winners. The students who attend between Christmas and New Year's Day also earn a special winter holiday sticker for their sticker sheets. When they do, they're always excited to share what gifts they received, or where they've traveled.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

A: "My family's tradition is to spend Christmas day with the immediate family, then get together as an extended family on Boxing Day. Since the pandemic, we mostly do this virtually, but it's still fun to see everyone on Zoom." - Graham

"My family does secret Santa every year. We draw a random name of a family member and have to buy a secret gift for them. It's all fun and games until you draw the name of your sister's new boyfriend who you know nothing about." - Ryan

Q: What does your family like to eat during the holidays?

A: "For our family, we don't like to eat turkey that much, so we would eat Peking Duck for Christmas, with some mango pudding." - Mitchell

"My dad loves to cook breakfast for everyone on Christmas morning. He will get up early and cook eggs, toast, pancakes, bagels, bacon, and hot chocolate. Then, he'll spend all day on the grill, making ribs and steak for dinner." - Danielle

From all of us here at Mathnasium of Okemos, we wish everyone a joyful holiday season!