Our Favorite Success Stories in Mathnasium of Pensacola

Aug 15, 2023 | Pensacola

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Q: What has become easier for you since you started coming to Mathnasium?

A: Brantley says that addition has become much easier for him! Specifically, addition problems that go up and over the next ten, like 35+8! He does it all in his head now!

Q: What is your favorite Mathnasium Memory?

A: Sarina says that her favorite Mathnasium memory is when she was finally able to buy the moon lamp that she spent months saving up for! She saved all 100 of her star cards just for the lamp!

Q: What has been your favorite lesson at Mathnasium?

A: Matthew says that his favorite lesson at Mathnasium was when subtraction with borrowing finally made sense to him! His instructor used a manipulative to visually show him what happens when we borrow! Then, it all made sense!

Q: Do you feel different at math class since you’ve been coming to Mathnasium?

A: Kaci says yes, she feels a lot more confident in her math skills and is no longer afraid to answer questions in class! She also enjoys her math class more, now that she understands what they are doing!

Q: What is the greatest benefit you see in your child after enrolling them at Mathnasium?

A: Cindy expressed that one of the greatest benefits she is seeing in both of her students is that they now have the confidence to start their homework on their own! Although they may not get every problem correct on their own, they are still trying EVERY problem!

We'd love to see how we can help your student become a Math Success Story too!