Free Trial Session – Why Try One?

Nov 3, 2021 | Santee

As already stated in various section of our website, Mathnasium is a math only learning center. We are the best in what we do – build a child’s math skills and as a result their overall confidence. We are the best at building a child’s math skills because we know that each child is unique, and their learning gaps and needs are also unique to them. Our assessments that are offered free, play a key role in identifying your child’s learning gaps/needs and developing a learning plan/curriculum that address your child’s needs. For kids who are already good/advanced in math, they benefit from their unique learning plan by getting a headstart on advanced math topics.

About Free Trial Session

Mathnasium instructors go through thorough training specially designed for them so that they can help your child using proprietary Mathnasium teaching material and many teaching modes. These teaching modes include visual, verbal, tactile written etc.

The 60 mins. Free Trial Session gives you and your child the opportunity to experience the Mathnasium Teaching in a live environment with same instructors who are teaching students that are currently enrolled. Your child gets to learn from the Mathnasium’s proprietary learning material. They get to experience the Mathnasium Method of teaching that our tutors are trained for. They also learn about other fun things like our reward cabinet!

Coming in for a free trial session also helps the parents in decision making in many ways. They get to witness the Mathnasium Method of teaching, see for themselves how comfortable their child is with the tutors and the learning material. They get to see what they will pay for, when their child is enrolled. Overall, it allows parents to make an INFORMED decision either ways-whether they chose to enroll or not.

Take the next step-Book a Free Trial Session with us

If you are looking for math help to allow your child to catch up or stay advanced in their math learning, book a Free Trial Session with us (60 mins.). Call us at 619-448-6284 or email us at Santee You can also book a session following here. We look forward to seeing you!