Pandemic Causes Historic Learning Loss

Nov 2, 2022 | Santee

Students in the U.S. are suffering from historical setbacks in their schooling in another example of how the coronavirus pandemic altered the nation’s future and hurt future generations’ education. Coronavirus Pandemic has had historical impact on nation’s future. It has put math learning for kids several years behind. Results score from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) shows Math scores dropped by the largest margin ever, with 40% of eighth graders being unable to perform basic math concepts.

Since the pandemic, NAEP test was administered for the first time, NAEP tests are typically given every alternate year to a big sample of 4th graders and eighth graders to test the students’ academic achievement.Fall in test scores were seen among all types of students - in high- and lower-performing students in rural, suburban, and urban districts across the county.

The release of the NAEP test score highlights the seriousness of the learning loss pandemic has caused. A lot of money and resources have been invested to help children get back on track, though it is a huge challenge to keep it all smooth as districts and students face the challenges of time limitations, staffing shortages and other such bumps

School districts have received a funding of $190 billion for pandemic recovery but this is not enough to bring kids back on track. Study by American Education Research Association has suggested that about $700 billion is needed to overcome learning loss. Without recuperating from the proficiency lost during the pandemic, the nation’s future generations could face years of consequences when it comes to going to college or getting into the workforce.

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