How to identify your child is behind in math?

Oct 10, 2022 | Santee

‘When Kids Get Stuck on a Math Problem, They Aren’t Likely to Speak Up’ If your child is finding math challenging, it’s only prudent that you ACT now. Students sometimes feel overwhelmed with new concepts that are being taught in their new grade if their foundation is weak. Math concepts build up one on top of another, so if not acted on soon falling behind in math becomes worse with each passing grade. The MOST IMPORTANT thing about fixing a problem is to IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM. Fortunately, for parents, there are many different signs to figure out that their child is falling behind or struggling in math. Below are some possible signs that suggest a child is struggling with math.

  • Child’s grades are good in other subjects except math.
  • Child makes negative remarks about math like “math is difficult”, “I hate math” etc. Child shows low self-esteem about math.
  • Child is missing key milestones. Addition/subtraction should be mastered by end of 2nd or 3rd grade, multiplication and division by the end of 3rd—4th grade, fluency with fractions at the end of 5th—6th grade.
  • Child uses finger counting. Physical signs like counting on fingers suggest poor retention of number facts.
  • Feedback from child’s teacher that he/she is not performing to his/her full potential or not performing as expected.
  • Child seems “bored” with math.

If a child shows any of these signs, there are several things parents can do. Asking help from the student’s teacher is an option. Offering to help the child more closely with homework is another. And, of course, enrolling in an after-school math program like Mathnasium is another option that brings professional help to the situation.

About Mathnasium

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