The Covid Slide in Learning

Oct 1, 2021 | Santee

What is "Covid Slide"?

2020-2021 academic year was perhaps the most challenging year for students and teachers in our nation's recent history of education. The impact of pandemic (covid-19) was hard hitting on students across all grades from K through 12th grade that lead to huge learning loss. This learning loss is commonly referred to as "Covid Slide".

How bad is the Covid Slide?

 A recent article was published on that referred to an NWEA report on Covid Slide. The report collected data on MAP Test for math and reading for 5.5 million students in grades 3 through 8 during 2020-21 school year.  Per findings of the research, by the spring of 2021, reading scores had declined between 3 to 6 percentiles when compared to reading scores of Fall 2020. Math achievement was even more impacted. The Fall 2020 math achievements that were already down 5-10 percentile in different states and socio-economic groups further fell down to 8-12 percentile in Spring of 2021 when compared to historical data of pre-pandemic years.


Mathnasium of Santee - How can it help your child fight Covid Slide in Math?

Several groups including educators, school district officials and policy makers across the country are looking at ways to take the students gradually out of this Covid Slide. Thoughts are directed in the direction of relooking at instruction material, granular planning of instruction time and revisiting learning goals. 

We at Mathnasium of Santee are equipped to help your child fight back this Covid Slide using Mathnasium Method 

The Mathnasium Method allows us to understand where exactly your child stands today in their math learning. Our detailed assessment process allows us to figure out your child's weaknesses and strengths as far as math topics are concerned irrespective of their grade level. The detailed assessment allows us to pick up your child's math learning from the same point onwards where they started struggling. Whatever learning loss happened because of online/remote learning in 2020-21, we can identify those and develop a learning plan (learning material) that is customized to your child's needs. The customized learning plan allows us to exactly target those topics that your child needs to learn.

The aim is to give your child the right foundation so that they are enabled to be more and more independent in solving problems and completing homework. The Mathnasium instruction time is already planned to offer wholesome teaching that covers the foundation building using Mathnasium material followed by homework help.

Take the first step towards fighting the Math Covid Slide for your child. Set up a Free Assessment, either online or in-person. Book your 60-minute appointment today, and let's discuss how we can help your child improve their math skills.


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