Four Tips for Stress-free Learning

Jun 26, 2020 | Schertz

We all know that the summer slide is real; but now we must take that effect and multiply it by the number of months due to coronavirus. According to new research from Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), kids in 3rd to 5th grade typically lose about 27% of their math skills over the summer. A new report from the organization suggests that learning loss experienced because of the pandemic will be much steeper. The NWEA researchers believe that 50% of math gains could be lost. Rather than lament the lost learning, we need to intervene in order to keep our kids on track. 


We know that caring for your children’s emotional well-being during an unprecedented pandemic is your first priority and this time can be overwhelming. Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s a transitional time for everyone. The following four tips will help motivate your child to approach math with a newfound sense of confidence: 


Compliment and affirm.

Take note of positive learning moments and celebrate them with your child. 


Find community. 

Kids are missing the connections with their peers. Foster relationships with fellow Mathnasium members and consider carpooling with other Mathnasium attendees. Building a community can offer your child a newfound sense of excitement and motivation when tackling math. 


Celebrate the creative spirit. 

With younger kids use sidewalk chalk to commemorate one thing that was learned that day, or host a show-and-tell with your family when your student earns a reward at Mathnasium. 


Take breaks. 

Once your child has completed their session, whether in-center or online with Mathnasium @home, take deep breaths together and relax by browsing a book or telling family stories. This moment for relaxation supports children’s brain development and is beneficial for parents and caregivers as well. 


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