Holiday Gifts for Math Lovers - 2015 Edition

Dec 3, 2015 | Schertz

Holiday Gifts for Math Lovers - The 2015 Edition

By Damaris | Added Nov 30, 2015

We're one day away from December, and it's safe to say that the holiday season is officially here! We’ve trawled the Internet for the coolest math gifts around. Stumped for ideas? Relax—we got you covered!

For your one-and-only:

You’re My Prime Number vintage print, via Uncommon Goods

Infinity stud silver earrings, via Shop Clementine on Etsy

1950s Vintage Working Abacus Cufflinks, via NeatstuffAntiques on Etsy

(Vintage and one of a kind!)

Math on your fridge:

Einstein’s Ensembles Dress Up Set, via The Unemployed Philosophers’ Guild

Math Poet Magnetic Poetry Kit, via Amazon

Math in the home:

Pi Bowl, via Uncommon Goods

Math Dish Towel, via Uncommon Goods

Pi By The Numbers Fleece Blanket, via ThinkGeek

Math Doormat, via Amazon

Math in Color Shower Curtain, via Society6

For the discerning fashionista:

Pi Skater Dress, via NerdAlertCreations on Etsy

Fibonacci Sequence Dress, via Shenova on Etsy

Custom-painted math TOMS shoes, via LaQuist on Etsy

For the dapper fellow:

Math Genius Trouser Sock, via Amazon

Math Equations Silk Tie, via Amazon

Steven Harris Math Equations Necktie, via Amazon

For puzzle fiends:

The Magic Cube, via ThinkGeek

Umbra Wobble Chess Set, via Marbles The Brain Store

The Moscow Puzzles, via Amazon

For animal lovers:

Mew, via PurritoPress on Etsy

Blackboard Dog and Cat Collar, via Great Dog Designs on Etsy

(Sizing options available for furry friends of all sizes!)

Math Cat Shirt, via Jon Wye on Etsy

(Available in men’s sizes too!)

For the comedian:

Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks, via Amazon

For the littlest mathletes:

Sweet as Pi onesie, via Amazon

Acute Baby onesie, via Amazon

“Mathing” with your kids:

Games for Math, via Amazon

Qwirkle game, via Amazon

Geometric Origami Kit, via Amazon

Robot Turtles Programming Board Game, via Amazon

4M Math Magic Puzzles and Games, via Amazon

For gadgets:

Math Lessons iPhone case, via Society6

Hippotenuse iPad case, via Zazzle