Mathnasium of Spokane from the Perspective of our new Center Director and Teacher of 20 Years!

Sep 1, 2023 | Spokane North

1. As a former public school teacher, what is it like being an instructor at Mathnasium?

Katrina: I love being an instructor at Mathnasium because I can spend the time needed with each student. Instead of over thirty at a time, I have a maximum of four. This gives me the chance to really monitor a student's progress and help when needed. It's fun to get to know each of the kids and see how excited they get about earning stars. The positive reinforcement of stars and spinning the wheel are great motivators

2. Do you feel the Mathnasium method is helping students reach their learning goals?

Katrina: The curriculum at Mathnasium is effective for students at all levels. The methods utilized are appropriate for advanced students and students with learning disabilities. This makes the curriculum accessible for all levels of students. Being able to move at their own pace in the Mathnasium curriculum is a critical part of students achieving their learning goals. Such self-pacing is not often possible in a typical school setting.

3. What is Mathnasium doing right?

Katrina: Mathnasium's curriculum is fantastic. It starts at the concrete level and ensures mastery before moving to the semi-concrete and abstract levels. The immediate feedback for students is ideal as mistakes can be caught before they become a habit that needs to be undone. The pacing is spot-on and avoids cognitive overload (or giving too much information at one time). Students have the chance to master a skill before moving on at their own pace. This is an ideal teachers strive for but is not always possible in a school setting. Of course, the most special things about Mathnasium are the caring and fun instructors that make a huge difference in a student's day.

4. What makes Mathnasium worth it?

Katrina: I had previously hired a tutor for my own son and didn't see much growth because it wasn't addressing the gaps in my son's understanding. When I started at Mathnasium, I was so impressed with the curriculum and instructors that I enrolled my own son. For the first time ever, he didn't complain about tutoring because he felt successful and saw his own growth. Seeing his confidence grow in math is worth more than I can say. I've seen so many kids feel defeated after a long day at school only to start their binder pages and brag about the number of pages they finished. That kind of confidence is priceless.

5. What is your favorite part about working at Mathnasium?

Katrina: My favorite part about working at Mathnasium is getting to work with great, friendly people. Everyone is so positive and helpful. I also love seeing kids light-up when they see how much they have accomplished. Working together, as a team, to help kids succeed is very rewarding.