A Year at Mathnasium of Spokane North!

Jan 16, 2024 | Spokane North

Q: What was your favorite math-success memory of 2023?

A: We had a very shy student who did not like math and was not comfortable asking for help. After a few months at Mathnasium, she totally opened up! Her grades in math and her other classes went up, and she started talking and asking for help way more often. She ended up trying out for "Math is Cool" and running for her class ASB team. Her mom also shared with us that she was way more talkative at home, too!

Q: Tell us about a student who really worked hard in 2023

A: Arthur worked very hard at focusing and believing in himself that he can learn, which has made a huge difference in his sessions! In fact, he won student of the month this past month!

Q: What have you noticed about your student’s math ability this year?

A: Since Mathnasium, doing his homework has been much easier and he has understood his assignments more. He is much more confident asking for help, which is huge for us!

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