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Star Tribune: Math Critical for MN Economy

Jan 18, 2019 | St. Cloud Blog

(originally taken from Star Tribune following this link:) // Math critical for Minnesota's ..


Apr 4, 2018 | St. Cloud Blog

Math might not be as fun as art or sports, or as cool as robotics and science, but it’s still pretty awesome!  Students need to stop thinking of math as something that they will only use in the classroom. Math is used everywhere in life,..

Avoid Summer Learning Loss with Mathnasium

Apr 8, 2017 | St. Cloud Blog


NFL Player, Mathlete, and Friend, John Urschel

Oct 13, 2015 | St. Cloud Blog

Meet John Urschel, the Smartest Athlete in the NFL Draft by Tim Morehouse of The Huffington Post (see original article here) (Or the video here) When Penn State graduate and 2014 NFL prospect John Urschel tried out for his middle school footba..

SCTimes: St. Cloud Area MCA Results article (&Link)

Aug 3, 2015 | St. Cloud Blog

St. Cloud schools show gap in almost every area of MCAs by Keven Allenspach (Click here  to find the article on   One of the primary issues for St. Cloud schools in recent years has been an achievement gap between white ..

Mathnasium Grade Level Checkups!

Jun 24, 2015 | St. Cloud Blog

Click the link below to access Mathnasium's Grade Level Checkups and find out if your student is ready for the grade they will be entering this fall!   Good luck!  And no..

How to Help Every Child Find Success in Math

May 1, 2015 | St. Cloud Blog

By Cindy Donaldson Updated on Jun 10, 2014     Many students believe that math is an inherited ability ­– either they have the math gene, or they don’t. But recent research shows that inborn tal..

Mathnasium Summer Sessions Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Apr 15, 2015 | St. Cloud Blog

  Summer learning loss is a phenomenon parents and educators have long acknowledged as a significant setback to academic achievement. Math proficiency is particularly susceptible to the summer learning slide. Most students lose 2 to 2 1/2 mo..

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