Our Students' February Math Achievements

Mar 9, 2017 | The Woodlands

Congratulations to our students for their math achievements in February. All the hard work pays off!

Ela Albuz 70% Pre-Algebra Readiness Exam
Rommy  Bakara 90% Math Report Card
Raamesh Balabhadrapatruni 94% Math Benchmark
Raamesh Balabhadrapatruni 100% Division Facts
Raamesh Balabhadrapatruni 100% Geometry 
Raamesh Balabhadrapatruni 100% Personal Finance
Bella  Chavez 95% Proportions and Ratios
Jonothan Cohen 94% Chapter 8 Quiz
Jonothan Cohen 94% Chapter 7 Test
Audrey Conley 80% Slope
Thomas  Cox 100% Geometry Basics
Arjan Dhamija 96% Parabolas and Quadratic Functions
Amrit Dhamija 100% Addition
Amrit Dhamija 100% Addition  
Amrit Dhamija 100% Math Test
Amrit Dhanija 100% Addition and Subtraction
Jacob Doran 85% Math Test
Simone Dupuis 96% Division
Ryan Elhajj 96% Surface Area, measurements
Claire Grimes 95% Fraction multiplication and division
Alexander Hazos 99% Computation
Oliver Hazos 100% Addition
Gianna Herrmann 95% Proportions
Destiny Heshmati 100% Percents
Anurag Iyer 97% Inequalities
Olivia  Jackson 100% Decimal Multiplication
Olivia  Jackson 100% Decimal Multiplication
Olivia  Jackson 87% Decimal Addition
Nitya Kaligotla 102% Multiplication and division
Shaurya Kante 93% Perimiter Review
Jonathon Lee 101% Geometric Lines and Angles
Frankie Leibel 96% Multilpication Facts
Frankie Leibel 100% Multiplication times  9
Santiago Mesa 96% Math Test
Koushik Musaboyina 96% cumulative Review
Neha Nair 100% 2 digit multiplication
Nikki Nalamalapu 80% Pre-Algebra Readiness Exam
Nikki Nalamalapu 95% Ratios
Ava Perugini 101% Decimals Percents, and fractions
Addie Price 92% Multiplication
Abishek Rathnakumar 96% Math Review
Jake Sampler 92% Comparing numbers
Sanjan Sarang 100% Division Facts
Marielle Sauber 100% Interest
Olivia  Sauber 100% Interest
Ethan Scott 95% Math Review Quiz
Ella Scott 100% Math Review
Houston Scott 101% Long Division
Ella  Scott 100% Math Review
Ethan Scott 103% Inequalities
Diane Shearer 95% Proportions
Brogan Smith 95% Progress report
Ninette  Sokhon 101% Ratio, Rates, Proportions
Chad Sokhon 90% Math benchmark
Chad Sokhon 99% Transformations
Sheral Solooja 92% Division
Jacob Sutton 103% Quadratic, Cubic and exponential functions
Parsa Tchamanzar Integers
Lilia Warner 85% Volume and Surface Area
Trevo Wolfe 89% Multiplication