Mathnasium of Tallahassee South - Math Tutoring

Aug 1, 2022 | Tallahassee South

Mathnasium of Tallahassee South: Real Instruction, Real Learning, Real Growth

Now Open! Located in the Mahan Village Shopping Center, with Academy Sports at the corner of Mahan and Capital Circle NE.

We Offer Two Tallahassee - Leon County Locations to Serve Children in our Area.

In addition to our Mahan Village location, our math learning center in the Bannerman Crossings Shopping Center, at the corner of Bannerman and Thomasville Road, has been serving Tallahassee for math tutoring since 2017.

With Mathnasium of Tallahassee South's instruction, both in-person or via live video conferencing, your child can continue to improve their math abilities and problem solving skills.

Mathnasium of Tallahassee South creates customized math learning plans for each student leading to a deeper understanding of math concepts, improved academic performance and greater self-confidence in math skills.

  • Math instruction customized to your child’s abilities, learning style and pace

  • Mathnasium instructors create a fun, positive and confidence building educational environment

  • Opportunity to receive homework help and assistance preparing for math tests

  • Strategies that develop a student’s abilities to work independently

  • Consistent parental support in the form of progress reports and monthly updates on skills mastered

  • Growth based learning plans that are continuously updated

  • Face-to-Face omni-channel instruction. Benefit from having the flexibility to do either in-center or @Home instruction via video conferencing. Many families do both as students move seamlessly between the two instruction options, receiving the same learning experience through both.

  • Flexible month to month subscription membership program; no long term contracts required

  • Locally owned Tallahassee family business

Your child is unique and they deserve a personalized learning plan to aid in their math learning. At Mathnasium of Tallahassee South, we create an experience … an opportunity … for students to “get it!” It’s just a matter of teaching math in a way that makes sense to them. That's what we do!

Contact us to learn more about our free assessment process and begin the enrollment process for your student today.

See for yourself how we are Making Math Make Sense everyday for Mathletes at all skill levels and abilities.

Mathnasium_Tallahassee_Math_Tutoring_Math_Confidence.JPG Mathnasium of Tallahassee South: Creating Opportunities! Opportunity to find understanding in the classroom, explore chosen career fields and succeed in today’s competitive world.

Mathnasium of Tallahassee South, located in the Mahan Village Shopping Center, serving Buck Lake, Southwood, Buckhead, Welaunee and surrounding Tallahassee neighborhoods, teaches math in a way that makes sense for students in elementary, middle and high school. People can accomplish marvelous things when they do the right things, in the right way, with the right tools. Our belief in each child’s potential, and our devotion to helping them achieve it, creates these opportunities.