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Jul 13, 2023 | Tallahassee South


Mathnasium of Tallahassee South 
Weekly Updates

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Reminder: The calendar is open to schedule sessions through August 7.  

Other Updates for Week Ending July 27:

  • ​​Question of the Week


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The calendar to schedule sessions is open and can be scheduled through July 27. As a reminder, each Friday, we open a new week on the calendar.  



Question of the Week

Mathletes can earn a full Reward Card if they are able to complete our Question of the Week.  See below for this week’s problems.  They can share their answers during sessions either at the center or @Home. 

Lower Elementary: 
foxes have huge ears and can hear a grub up to 2 feet underground. Can a fennec fox hear a grub that is 20 inches underground?


Upper Elementary: 
A golden wheel spider tucks its legs in and turns its body into an octagonal wheel in order to travel across the sand. Its legs hit the ground a quarter inch apart. How many times does the spider have to roll over in order to roll a whole yard?


Middle School:
A writer types 36 words per minute. Two hundred forty words fit on a page. If the writer types an hour straight, how many pages does he write?


Algebra and Up:
A barrel cactus, a hedgehog cactus, and a saguaro cactus have 1,392 spines altogether. The hedgehog cactus has 144 more spines than the barrel cactus, and the saguaro cactus has 888 more spines than the barrel cactus. How many spines does each cactus have?