How Mathnasium of Washington Township helps MOTIVATE students!

Feb 14, 2023 | Washington Township

Glad you asked! Let’s take a sneak peak inside your local Mathnasium of Washington Township and ask their instructors!

Q: What helps students in your center stay motivated?

A: getting better grades in school, having fun while doing Math, rewards cabinet

Q: Tell us about the reward cabinet!

A: The most popular reward is candy, followed by gift cards for Amazon, Target, and Starbucks

Q: How do students earn prizes from the reward cabinet?

A: Wearing their Mathnasium t-shirt and bracelet earn free punches on a reward card. Good grades on a test or quiz earn extra punches. Every completed page from their binder earns a punch.

Q: How does your center celebrate student success?

A: Brag board for good test/quiz grades

Q: What is your favorite student success story?

A: A Geometry student who told us that his grades in other subjects had improved because he didn't have to worry about Math any longer.