It’s Holiday Time at Mathnasium of Washington Township!

Dec 15, 2023 | Washington Township

Q: How does your Center/re show festive spirit?

A: We decorate the front of the Center with lighted trees and snow, and our Elf on the Shelf, Polly Nomial moves around the Center keeping an eye on all of the students.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

A: Allison likes to drive around to look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music; Tameem's family makes their business look more festive and creates holiday specials for their products; Adam's family donates to children in need during the holidays.

Q: What does your family like to eat during the holidays?

A: Adam's family likes their traditional cultural dishes; Tameem and his sister bake cookies and brownies for desserts; and believe it or not, Allison likes Chick-Fil-A for Christmas!

From all of us here at Washington Township NJ, we wish everyone a joyful holiday season!