Mathnasium of Washington Township tells us how they celebrate the success of their students

Nov 15, 2023 | Washington Township

Q: How does Mathnasium celebrate its student's success?

A: Our Brag Board is near the front of the Center. Students write about their success on a card that says "Now that's something to brag about" and receive 1 punch for an A or 2 punches for 100. They also get their choice of an A+ lollipop, Nerds, or Smarties.

Q: Tell me about student’s reactions to having their work on the brag board.

A: Students usually have big smiles on their faces when they walk in and tell me or their Instructor that they earned a good grade.

Q: What kind of work gets put up?

A: Tests, quizzes, projects, report cards - any grade that a student wants to share

Q: Do you have a favorite memory of the Brag Board?

A: We had 2 sisters who were in different classes, but were competitive. If one sister got a 92, the other would brag that she got a higher grade on her test, etc.

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