Math Kangaroo Day at Mathnasium of Westford Chelmsford

Mar 30, 2019 | Westford Chelmsford

Mathnasium of Westford hosted its first Math Kangaroo test for 2019 on the day of 21st March 2019.  More than 50 students attended the exam from Westford and nearing town.

The evening started with enthusiastic kids prepared and determined to accel in math exam with their determination high and sharp laser focus on their math skills.

Mathnasium of Westford provided them a very credible environment with enough room for kids to settle down. Each kid has been supplied with exam materials and clear instructions to take exams. Staff conveyed precise guidelines for the review to the students. The exam took place in a serene environment with mind-focus instrumental music in the background.

Mathnasium clicked the pictures for multiple sessions that were conducted in the evening with multiple students taking different levels of math kangaroo test.

It was our pleasure to support the STEM activity in Westford, Chelmsford, Littleton and nearby town. We encourage every kid to participate in such an exam, and we will do our best to make these exam reach out to broader students each year. 

Thank you every kids and parent to be part of great success. We wish good luck to all the kids. We hope to see more and more kids next year for the Math Kangaroo do. 

- Sincerely

Mathnasium of Westford Chelmsford