May 22, 2023 | Whitefish Bay

Summer is the time for road trips, backyard BBQs, days at the beach and … math? That’s right! It’s important for students to make math a part of their summer so they don’t lose what they’ve learned during the school year. On average, children lose 2-3 months of math skills during the summer months. This is very common and it’s widely known as the “summer slide.”

Many students have fallen behind in math these last couple of years, and they’ve continued to struggle as a result. Because math knowledge is cumulative, math learning loss must be remedied before students can progress. The sooner gaps are addressed, the less time it takes to remedy them.

The good news is you can reinforce their math skills in all kinds of ways, even while enjoying your favorite summer activities. Work math into your road trip by calculating the mileage. Encourage your child to read math-based books. Take a trip to a science museum. Or keep stats on your favorite baseball team throughout the season.

Enrolling your child in a summer math program is another great way to reinforce the math knowledge they acquired last year and introduce new concepts that will help in the year ahead. Children have more time, are less tired and are better able to focus during their summer break, so they’re in a great position to make tremendous strides in a relatively short period of time. The key is to do it in a lively and supportive atmosphere where they’re having fun.

Mathnasium of Whitefish Bay offers summer learning programs that work with your family’s schedule, so your child can catch up and get ahead in math without missing out on summer fun. Mathnasium summer programs are unlike any other. Children receive the expert math instruction that Mathnasium is known for, with additional emphasis on math-related games, activities and fun events. Students will avoid summer learning loss and make up for any time they lost, and they’ll also start the new school year with confidence.

Sharpening math skills is the one summer activity that will benefit children for the rest of their lives! Call or visit our Whitefish Bay center today!