Math Is So Sneaky: How Numbers Gets Infused Into Your Everyday Life

Dec 31, 2016 | Whitefish Bay

Even if we’re “not good at math” or tend to resist math-related activities, math has a sneaky way of surfacing in our daily lives, like it or not. That’s why striving to become even slightly a “mathlete” will always give you the upper hand in everyday life. Consider this:

First thing in the morning. Did your alarm wake you up? Did you look at the numbers on the clock or your iPhone to tell the time? Did you estimate how many minutes you have to grab some extra shut-eye until the snooze alarm goes off again?

Breakfast. Did you measure ¾ cup of water in your oatmeal this morning? Did you program your microwave to cook your oatmeal?

Your commute. Did you estimate the time it takes for you to stop by Starbucks drive-thru’ to grab your coffee and still make it to your first meeting on time?

Your job. Are you budgeting for projects? Estimating the time difference between you and an overseas client to place a call? Negotiating discounts on purchasing equipment? Determining if your social media metrics are performing well? Estimating the number of attendees for a conference, less the 20% of typical no-shows?

Your lunch. Everything was delicious, but now everyone’s looking at you to figure out their portion of the bill. And don’t forget, you’re adding 20% for your server. Can you add, and then divide, conveniently estimating it all in your head?

Your errands after work. Do you have enough cash to cover the dry cleaning, the pet store, and groceries? Did you estimate the square feet for the flooring you’re ordering to get installed before the holidays? Did the cashier at the fast-food chicken place give you the right change?

Homework assistance. When your child looks at you with those hopeful, trusting eyes, asking for your help on their math homework, do you soldier on, or do you outsource to another more mathletic adult in your household?

Financial planning. As you review your banking balance online after the kids are asleep, are you easily able to allocate percentages and dollar amounts towards various household budgets?

Bedtime. It’s 9 p.m. If you watch that hour-long documentary on Netflix, can you still squeeze in eight hours of sleep if you awaken at 6 a.m.?

Math has a funny way of tapping us on the shoulder all day long, no matter what kind of life we lead. That’s why having a solid grasp on math is mission critical for every child. If you feel your child may not be up to speed, call Mathnasium today and schedule an assessment. We will provide you with an accurate idea of if your child is on target, or has areas where they can improve.