What are the Instructors at Mathnasium Like?

Mar 7, 2022 | Mount Lebanon

Have you ever wondered what kinds of people we hire to be instructors at Mathnasium? It's a good question! Although our instructors come from all sorts of backgrounds, they do have a few things in common:

Each Mathnasium instructor must be qualified. (The hiring process for our instructors can be pretty intense.) They have to prove they understand advanced math by passing a test, but also demonstrate their ability to teach math as well. 

Mathnasium instructors also need to be great motivators.

  1. That might look like cheering our students on when they have "aha!" moments. 
  2. That also might look like celebrating with our students when they've reached their goals and earn prizes from our reward cabinet.
  3. And sometimes, that might be simply encouraging our students to struggle, practice, and ask questions about tricky topics until they make sense. 

All Mathnasium instructors are excellent teachers versed in various learning styles. Maybe your student needs math explained to them visually or maybe a hands-on option would be better. However your student learns best, we are equipped to teach them in that style. We have a great supply of math manipulatives for our hands-on learners.

Interested in meeting a Mathnasium of Mount Lebanon instructor? Come see us at 300, Cedar Blvd, Ste @, Pittsburgh PA 15228 and find the perfect fit for your child. Our instructors have been hard at work helping kids for several years. Sign up now for a Free Math Skills

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