International Sudoku Day

Sep 7, 2019 | Location Peoria IL

Celebrate International Sudoku Day September 9th with these fun and challenging Sudoku activities!

September 9th is International Sudoku Day, and we want to help you celebrate right with fun and challenging Sudoku activities! These puzzles are perfect for a family game night, for keeping busy in the car or waiting room, or for math tutoring purposes.


Are you just dipping your toe into the amazing world of math games? Already a math challenge aficionado?  Either way, we have just the right Sudoku for you.

Playing is easy. Just click on the link below to download two stellar Sudoku games and their respective answer keys.  Follow the instructions on the game page to solve the Sudoku puzzle. When you're ready, check your answers on the attached answer key.

International Sudoku Day Activity

Have fun celebrating this math-tastic holiday! This is a perfect activity for parents and kids to solve together, and we invite you to share it with other family members or friends who love math games.

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