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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

OwnerReed Brown, Owner

Reed has always loved math and enjoys helping kids learn to love math and how to use math in their daily lives. Reed earned a BS of Electrical Engineering degree from Brigham Young University and a Masters of Business Administration degree at Boise State University. Reed has spent over 25 years as a successful engineering and operations executive at Hewlett Packard, Quantum, and Iomega. In 2004, he decided to test his entrepreneurial skills and created Matchbin (now Radiate Media), a successful internet software company. Over the last 10 years, Reed has been active in the Utah technology community. As a member of the Governor's Technology Initiative Advisory Board for the State of Utah he has helped to grow funding for engineering programs at Utah Universities and Colleges. Reed and the Mathnasium Bountiful team is committed to helping children grow their interest and confidence in math and prepare them for a successful college education and career in technology, business, finance, medical, manufacturing, science, biology, or other fields that require strong math skills.


InstructorCallie Cadman, Center Director

Callie obtained a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the University of Utah. As a student, she often found herself helping others with math and found a passion for teaching. Before starting at Mathnasium in August 2013, she spent 2 years working for Quality Youth Services helping youth obtain their GED, high school diploma, and high school credit needing for graduation. Callie is very enthusiastic about math and loves passing on her knowledge. In addition to math, Callie loves puppies, ice cream, and yarn.


InstructorChristy Rogers, Director

Christy has a Bachelor's in business finance and accounting and a Master's in secondary education with an emphasis in mathematics and Spanish. She has worked as a private tutor for the past five years in California and recently moved to South Ogden. She has a passion for teaching and loves to see students succeed and become excited about reaching their goals and learning. Outside of tutoring she enjoys spending time with her family and taking mini roadtrips to explore new places.



Derek Hussain, Instructor

Derek is a Layton local and recent graduate of Layton High School.  He is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering at the Univeristy of Utah.  Derek loves math, reading, and working with others.  He finds it very enriching to work with students to learn new concepts and practice skills.  





Veronica De Leon, Lead Instructor

Veronica is a native of the Los Angeles area who recently moved to Salt Lake City and obtained a job with the Department of Workforce Services, managing a caseload of approximately 200 cases, helping them obtain government benefits such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Financial Assistance. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Occidental College in Los Angeles, and was the Salutatorian for her high school graduating class. She has worked at Partnerships to Uplift Communities, as an Assessment Specialist assisting teachers and principals with their jobs and also as a Data Analyst Manager. She is fluent in Spanish.


InstructorHannah Wilkinson, Lead Instructor

Hannah is a Chemical Engineering major at the University of Utah. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, singing, and performing. She loves working with kids and volunteered at a summer music camp for kids. She has enjoyed math ever since she was young and looks forward to helping others enjoy it too!





InstructorJonathan Soderquist, Instructor

Jonathan is a junior at Northridge High School. Math has always been his favorite subject in school. He also enjoys music, country swing dancing, and programming. He enjoys helping others understand math and the practical ways it can be used in their lives.





InstructorMichael Remley, Instructor

Michael is a NUAMES student working on his Associate's of Science at Weber State University. He loves math that connects to the real world, especially calculus. He wants to become an Aerospace Engineer and work for NASA or SpaceX. Teaching math has always been enjoyable for him. In his free time, he camps, bikes, and writes programs. He is a member of the HARBOR research group at Weber State and is currently leading a research project on human gait.



InstructorKeri Pittard, Instructor

Keri's love for math and science began at a young age. She used to love to count her grandmother's pot of spare change every time she went to visit, do long multiplication problems in the yard just for fun, and once she even counted the reflector poles on the side of the freeway on a long road trip--over two thousand! She has bachelor's degrees in civil engineering and math education, and worked for 4 years as an engineer in missile development before taking time off to raise a family. Four of her five sons were born in Southern Arizona, where she and her husband lived for 12 years before moving to Utah. Her husband is also an engineer, and they met in a college calculus class. He even proposed to her using a cleverly romantic double integral. Yes, math can be both fun AND romantic!

Keri believes that being good at something does not necessarily make you good at teaching it, especially when it comes to math. Often people who are really good at math can't see why someone just doesn't get it, and lose their patience. Keri has researched and practiced many mathematical teaching methods and helped hundreds of math students at all levels. She likes the way the Mathnasium teaching principles fit in with what she has learned from her own experience.

InstructorAmber Fletcher, Instructor

 Amber not only enjoys the logic and structure of math, but she loves seeing the excitement of understanding light up in other's eyes. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in math education. She worked four years as a math teacher and enjoyed it thoroughly, but now has two young kids and wants to spend more time with them. She can't quite leaving teaching alone though and has joined the Mathnasium team to continue encouraging people to find the enjoyment of solving something they didn't think they could and overcoming challenges that frustrate them. Her favorite thing is to see frustration turn into confidence and even a little excitement.


InstructorAndrea Brandley, Instructor

Andrea graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. in Mathematics Education and a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts Education. She has taught both subjects at the high school and jr high levels. She loves them both and has a genuine hard time picking a favorite! Andrea has loved math from a young age. She enjoys the problem-solving, logical thinking, and light bulb moments that come along with it. She is also passionate about education and thinks that learning is the best thing a person can do to improve their quality of life. She loves being able to teach people not just math, but how to learn and grow effectively. In her spare time, Andrea also enjoys playing soccer, singing, reading, learning new skills, and spending time with friends and family.


InstructorKevin Tracy, Lead Instructor

Kevin graduated from Utah Valley University with a B.S. in Mathematics Education. He works as a High School math teacher at Hunter High School. Kevin enjoys math and explaining it to others. Kevin loves working with kids and having fun with them. Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and twin daughters. He also spends his free time fishing, hiking, golfing and watching movies.


InstructorMallory Thomas, Instructor

Mallory is a recent graduate from Syracuse High School. She is currently studying Spanish Education at Weber State University. Math has been a struggle for her in the past, but through hard work and dedication she scored high marks in all of her high school math classes and it comes easier to her now. She has always enjoyed working with kids and having a good time with them while helping them learn. She loves to help others understand and see things start to click with them, just as they did for her through the help of her teachers and her older sister. She enjoys theatre, singing, playing soccer, and spending time with her family and friends.


InstructorMatthew Hatch, Instructor

Matthew is a Senior at Davis High School. He has always loved math in the way that it works out perfectly, and how much it applies to the real world. He also enjoys chemistry, running, singing, playing sports with his younger brother, and serving others. Matthew is very good with kids, and is excited to be working with them to help them understand one of his favorite subjects.       


InstructorBen Shaner, Instructor

Ben is a graduate of Davis High School, and will be studying at the University of Utah in the spring semester. He enjoys this opportunity that he has to help others understand math and loves to serve in any other way he can. His dream is to some day be a doctor. He loves everything outdoors, learning, science, soccer, volleyball, learning languages and yes, math.