Students Reach Mathlete Level 5 Status

Oct 19, 2018 | Bayview Sheppard

Two of Mathnasium of Bayview Sheppard's students were featured in the Snap'd North York newspaper for their achievements at the centre. Way to go, Alyson and Daran, for reaching Mathlete Level 5! This means that both students have done 5 Mathnasium learning plans, which is the highest level recognized by Mathnasium centres.

Alyson started in Grade 8 and is now working on a Grade 12 learning plan for Advanced Functions and Calculus. We are proud to report that she aced her first Advanced Functions test this year, scoring an A+ grade.

Daran started on a Grade 3 Mathnasium learning plan and is now doing Grade 7 math. As of today, our centre has four Mathnasium students at Mathlete level 5, as we've recently welcomed Ella and Justin to the club. Congratulations to our students for their hard work.

See the article at the link below: