Are you Struggling to Help Your Kids with Their Homework?

Dec 29, 2021 | Carlington

Parents everywhere are confessing that they are dreading their children’s homework as much as their kids are. On average, parents spend and an average of 21 minutes/day helping with homework, many finding it challenging. In fact, in a recent study, four out of five parents confessed that they found it difficult to understand their children’s homework.

Math is particularly challenging for parents who are trying to help their kids with homework. In the last 20-30 years since we left school, math curriculums have evolved in seemingly bewildering ways. If you are struggling to help your children with their math homework, you are not alone.

This confusion can lead to frustration for both parent and child alike. With so much pressure to get the right marks, which then opens doors to the right programs and schools, stress accelerates, which is not conducive to success.  

Parents are turning to new sources of assistance. Some are quickly searching math concepts online for a refresher, while others are turning to math tutoring for extra support.

How Can a Math Tutor Help?

Enlisting the help of a math tutor, even online, can pay enormous dividends. Math tutors can make learning fun and provide extra assistance in a supportive, stress-free way. As your child grows more confident in both their skills and their ability to learn, they’ll develop the right stuff to help them far into the future.

Math tutoring also overcomes the challenges of kids who are uncomfortable letting their teacher know they don’t understand, in front of their classmates. In a tutoring situation, your child will receive the attention they need, without distraction and free of shame or embarrassment. A math tutor also has the time to identify where your child may be struggling the most and develop a plan to help; whereas a busy teacher in a classroom simply doesn’t have the time to offer individual attention.

Finally, a child who has received the benefit of math tutoring will earn higher test scores. Lower test scores usually indicate a lack of understanding, or a lack of motivation to study. Tutors will teach concepts that work with your child’s learning style. Because math tutors make it fun and interesting and offer critical individual attention, your child’s test scores will rise. Not only in math, but in all subjects as your child builds confidence and good study habits.

Many parents are struggling to cope with the challenges of helping their kids with their homework. A math tutor can help to make it easier and more effective, offering a myriad of benefits that will extend long past the bell. Enlisting the services of a math tutor will help boost your child’s test scores, confidence and give them the individual attention they need with teaching tailored to your child’s exact educational needs.  

Let Mathnasium Carlington take on the stress of helping your child with math so you can focus on other aspects of parenting. To book your risk-free assessment, visit or call (613)680-MATH (6284). We’ll make math a bright spot in your child’s school year!