Is Remote Learning Letting Your Child Down?

Jan 15, 2022 | Carlington

One crucial thing the pandemic has highlighted is the importance of children receiving individual attention in the classroom. Indeed, this is a critical aspect of the argument for smaller class sizes which was a growing issue before the pandemic. Whether helping a student to better understand what is being taught, or to offer occasional praise, children simply do better when a teacher has the time to occasionally focus directly on them.

As Ontario schools return to remote learning, many parents are feeling that their children are not getting the attention they need. Large classes of inattentive or pre-occupied students make an already difficult learning environment more challenging than ever. Without a teacher in the physical room, it’s easy for children to succumb to distractions.

Getting Your Child the Math Help They Need

In mathematics, conceptual understanding and applied knowledge greatly build upon each other year after year. A child must have a firm understanding of what they are being taught this year, to succeed next year. Yet mathematics can be especially challenging to grasp in a crowded environment. These issues are compounded in a busy remote learning atmosphere where a teacher is trying to keep thirty kids engaged online. The pandemic has only magnified the political argument over classroom sizes; making it even clearer than ever that kids cannot shine when they’re struggling to even keep up.

Some parents are noticing an achievement gap compared to previous years in a more traditional classroom, even wondering if they should hold their children back a year to prevent future problems.  Many are reaching out to private tutors and learning centres for a little extra help to augment their children’s education. Sure, it too is remote learning these days, but they offer significant value, and might just be the difference between a child earning the grades needed for a competitive university program and getting disillusioned with school and dropping out altogether. In younger children, a tutor can help reinforce concepts to ensure a firm grasp moving forward, rather than risk being left behind.

Math Tutoring Can Make a Difference!

Private math tutoring services, both in-class and virtual can offer a variety of benefits to your child’s education. These valuable services can act as reinforcement, to ensure your child is well-equipped with the tools to excel in math going forward. They can also help a child who is struggling with the limitations of the public school system and give them the extra attention they need to succeed.

If your child is struggling academically without enough personalized attention, it might be worth looking into a private math tutoring service. These small, virtual classes give your child the focused attention they need to succeed while augmenting their regular classroom studies. Playing a critical supportive role in your child’s education, your child will also receive valuable reinforcement that will follow them through future years of learning.