Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Josh M.

Assistant Centre Director - Since 2019
Josh is a graduate of the University of Guelph and has spent five years teaching Math and English overseas. He has been tutoring Math since high school and loves when everything clicks into place for any student he works with. It is the most rewarding when those topics are tougher for a student and they finally reach that point of understanding the concept fully. In his spare time, Josh enjoys volunteering in the community, reading comics and spending time with his wife.

Rushi S.

Lead Instructor - Since 2021
Rushi is a graduate student of the University of Guelph with a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering. He is a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University, and really enjoys working with students of all ages, especially teaching a subject like math which he is very passionate about. He really enjoys being able to help students understand those tougher math problems which can be very tricky! In his spare time, Rushi likes playing outdoor sports and spending time with his friends.

Kira T.

Lead Instructor - Since 2022
Kira is a fifth-year student studying Mathematical Sciene at the University of Guelph, with an area of emphasis in Computer Science. Kira has 4+ years of tutoring experience and has worked with grade levels from Kindergarten students all the way up to First - Year University students. She is very passionate about teaching and research, and always wants to keep learning. She really enjoys being able to help others understand somthing she is really passionate about, and likes to continuously ensure a postive and fun learning evironment, just as her teachers have done for her! In her spare time, Kira's favourite hobbies are reading, writing, hockey and finding new TV shows to watch.

Tamana C.

Instructor - Since 2022
Tamana is a fourth year Health Sciences student at Western University. She has been tutoring since High School and loves meeting new people all the time. Her goal to create a positive learning environment, ensure every child succeeds in math, and feels good about their math accomplishments. Math can be a very hard subject so it's good to celebrate meeting each learning goal! In her spare time, Tamana enjoys working out, painting, and playing sports like football and basketball.

Tyler A.

Instructor - Since 2022
Tyler is a first-year student at the University of Guelph, pursuing an Honours Degree in History. Tyler intends to become a teacher and will be enrolling in a Bachelor of Education program once he completes his degree. He really values being able to help students reach their full educational potential (especially with math!), and enjoys finding new ways to approach teaching so that he can find a way that each student learns concepts best. Tyler enjoys playing video games and reading fiction in his spare time.

Lucas B.

Instructor - Since 2023

Emma D.

Lead Instructor - Since 2022

Simreen K.

Instructor - Since 2022

Shraddha J.

Instructor - Since 2022

Anshu B.

Instructor - Since 2023

Emma K.

Instructor - Since 2023

Vikramjeet S.

Instructor - Since 2023

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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