Top Canadian Centre, Again!

Jul 18, 2019 | Lakeview-Mississauga South

Top Canadian Centre, Again!

Our Mathnasium Convention was held here in Toronto this week, and it has been such an honour and pleasure to be awarded once again Top Performing Canadian Centre!  We also received Top Voice of the Customer award, for the highest Canadian Net Promoter Score! 

We are not only honoured, but also humbled! When we opened the centre five years ago, our goal was to be able to help the students in our community to be able to understand math and become great at it.  We wanted to make sure that each one of them understands each concept rather than memorize. We wanted our students to see that we cared for and respected them as individuals most of all.  We wanted them to feel loved, valued, cared for, and​respected. We achieved all our goals as we have helped hundreds of students each year not only simply understand, but also be great at math! We are proud of their achievements and it is their achievements that make us successful! Our promise is honoured and will continue to be our goal, ALWAYS!

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