The Story of Your Local Mathnasium - Langley

Jun 24, 2023 | Langley BC

1. When was your centre’s grand opening?

A: During the cold month of January 2016, we celebrated our Grand Opening with clowns, food, music, testimonials from our newest students and the Mayor even cut the ribbon for us!

2. Of all your employees, who has been with you the longest?

Mariya has been with our centre for 6 years, that's the longest of all our instructors. She began teaching, then coordinated our special summer program, opened our Online Program in January 2020 (that was BEFORE covid!) and now she's our Centre Director! She has impacted literally hundreds of students so far, who LOVE her enthusiasm and fun spirit!

3. Who is the owner/director of your centre?

Our Owners are Dr Sylvia and Doug McLellan. Most days you can find them at one centre or another - or possibly walking across the parking lot to Starbucks!

4. What local schools does your centre serve?

 As a large centre, we serve a lot of schools! The nearest high schools are R.E. Mountain and Walnut Grove Secondary. Yorkson Creek and Peter Ewart Middle Schools, as well as Willoughby, Richard Bulpitt, Lynn Fripps, RC Garnett, Gordon Greenwood and Alex Hope Elementary schools are all within 5 km of the centre. We bring goodies to 18 local schools for Teacher Appreciation Day each Fall!

5. What are parents saying about your centre?

We have 75 online Google reviews with a 4.9 rating: We operate both online and in-person sessions.

"The Online Mathnasium classes are helping my daughter with grade 10 math. There is enough time for homework and the instructors never rush through her questions but make sure she understands. I wish I had taken the advice and enrolled her in online classes sooner! Thanks to Mathnasium online, our daughter is getting A’s in math!"

For in-person: "We saw a change in our son’s math abilities within the first 3 weeks!! His teacher actually sought me out after school and said she was stunned at the dramatic difference in his attitude towards math. I can physically see a once-struggling child now rise to the challenge with a whole new attitude and confidence. This change alone has been so fantastic to witness, let alone his understanding of concepts he used to struggle so much with. I can’t say enough good things about the team at Mathnasium!!"