Richmond Hill Math Tutor Reveals 3 Great Tricks to Make Math More Fun

Dec 28, 2016 | Oak Ridges

While some kids naturally find math to be an enjoyable subject to learn, some feel like it’s a chore. Math takes a lot of focus and skill to master, and this can be seen by kids as hard work. That’s why making kids love numbers is a challenge for many parents.

Richmond Hill Math Tutor Helps a Child Find the Fun in Mathematics

Yet being good—or at least competent—at math is necessary to modern living. Math is used in everyday situations such as budgeting, traveling, and more. It can even be integral to certain jobs, such as engineering and accounting. Even non-math occupations require that employees have astute ability to analyze and solve problems—skills that can be acquired when the brain is adept at math.

If you’re looking for ways to spice up math and make the subject more enjoyable for your child, here are some effective techniques used by your friendly Richmond Hill math tutor.

Turn it into a game

There are math-themed card and board games that you can buy. Use the element of competition in these games to spark his interest in math. Even a common game like Monopoly can be used for this purpose. When playing Monopoly, have your child in charge of distributing money and selling real estate and see her inclination for it.

Use electronics

Kids are naturally drawn to electronic devices, and there are plenty of games and apps that can help her develop math concepts. Simply search the Google App Store for the best rated math games that you can download. The next time your kid asks to play a game on your phone, you know which app to whip out.

Show them relevance

Kids tend to shut off from what they’re being taught if they can’t see the purpose behind it. That’s why one of the biggest keys to unlocking her interest in math is to constantly show her how useful it is in life. Involve her in solving daily math problems such as estimating the grocery bill when you’re about to go shopping or how long it will take to travel from your home to the grocery store.

Hopefully, these suggestions should help your child find the joy in learning math. To hone her skills on the subject, get her a Richmond Hill math tutor.


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