Forbes Sings Praises for Larry Martineks Mathnasium Model and Math Tutor Franchise

Apr 3, 2017 | Oak Ridges

Richmond Hill, Ontario (March 2, 2017) — Larry Martinek, mathematics educator and renowned creator of the Mathnasium Method gets featured on an article by Forbes. Forbes contributor Larry Myler writes how educators like Larry Martinek often go above and beyond their duty in developing and preparing the next generation. The Mathnasium Model of teaching is changing the way teachers impart their knowledge about math. In fact, it is being lauded as an excellent math tutor program for students in Richmond Hill or elsewhere who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

Larry Martinek on Why Mathnasium is a Successful Math Tutor Franchise

The concept for Mathnasium was formed when Martinek started teaching at a junior high school in Los Angeles. He realized that students in schools lacked Number Sense or the ability to see numbers in perspective. There was a noticeable gap in the way math was taught, which prompted him to create supplemental materials to make up for the deficiency. Later on, when his son, Nick, was born, he decided to improve on his method. Nick showed an affinity for numbers and logic at an early age, leaving Martinek to find new ways to explain advanced math to a young child. Martinek then went on to develop a model to accomplish two things: to educate his son, and to educate everyone’s sons and daughters.

What started out as an idea to better educate children, eventually became a highly successful franchise in October 2002 when Martinek partnered with a franchise company. Since then, Mathnasium has steadily built up momentum, ranking high with Entrepreneur and even being included in the Franchise 500. With 700 locations, including one in Oak Ridges, and an average of two openings each week, Mathnasium currently ranks number 3 on Forbes list of Best and Worst Franchises to Buy in 2016.

The Mathnasium Method is a product of forty years of hard work in designing, developing and refining the model as well as a lifetime of experience in teaching math to children. The method helps children learn math by improving upon what they already know. What’s unique about it is that learning is monitored and teachers adjust to address each student’s learning goals. The method consists of three key components: assessment, customized learning plans and specifically trained, caring instructors who teach. The Mathnasium program also supports students in elementary school, middle school and high school.

According to Martinek, the success of the Mathnasium program can be largely attributed to the passion and commitment of the franchisees. Their dedication in answering desperate needs and bridging the gaps in education is what makes the Mathnasium Method work.

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