Sep 14, 2023 | Red Deer

Meet our dynamic sibling duo, our very own VIPs!! They both have aced 100+ hours each, and that means 200+ hours of success together! Now that’s what we call “double trouble’ .. in the absolute best way possible” 😊

They’re not just bound by blood, they’re also united by those distinctive red binders and VIP parking spots. Above all, they’re bound by brilliance & excellence!

Mathnasium Sibling VIPs.jpg

Double the dedication, double the red binders! And that's the siblings' secret to math mastery: they both attend Mathnasium!

Siblings who excel together, win together!

Is that so? And why is that? What are the benefits to have siblings attend math learning centres, particularly to Mathnasium?

  • Encouragement & Support. When siblings enroll in the same centre, they naturally foster a supportive learning environment. And if the age difference isn't too vast, they have the opportunity to collaborate and engage in productive discussions. This not only encourages them but also sparks a healthy sense of competition between them.

  • Personalized Learning Approach.Just like fingerprints, every student is unique – even siblings – with distinct learning preferences. While one sibling might thrive with hands-on manipulatives, the other may prefer abstract thinking. One may excel through math games, while the other thrives with pen and paper. At Mathnasium, we embrace these differences and tailor our approach accordingly. This ensures that we provide personalized guidance to unlock the full potential of each sibling.

  • Time Management and Convenience. When your children attend the same center simultaneously, it simplifies the logistics and time management for busy parents. This not only makes overseeing their education more convenient but also adds an element of enjoyment. Plus, don't forget, at Mathnasium, we offer a special Siblings Discount! Now, that's what we call the epitome of convenience 😊

  • Positive impact on the other siblings. It’s a common occurrence here at Mathnasium of Red Deer to welcome another sibling after they have witnessed the academic success of their enrolled brother or sister. In fact, we once had the pleasure of teaching five siblings from a single family all at once! This influential dynamic, where one sibling inspires another to follow the path of success, will create a lasting generational impact on education within the entire family.

Family Bonds + Mathnasium = A+ Results!

In the end, it is clear that siblings who attend Mathnasium together are not just getting A+ results, but beyond that, they’re also building lifelong bonds, sharing victories, reaching new heights, and creating a legacy of success that transcends generations. These are the moments we truly cherish at Mathnasium: one proud dad, taking photos of his kids’ excellent work on our Brag Board, and saying “let’s go to DQ and celebrate!”