Mathnasium of Scott Road tells us how they celebrate the success of their students

Nov 15, 2023 | Scott Road

Q: How does Mathnasium celebrate its student's success?

A: We love to celebrate all wins - big or small. We have a Brag Board, where students display their school math tests and they also get bonus rewards for bringing in their tests. They also 'brag' when they score 100% on their post-assessments.

Q: Tell me about student’s reactions to having their work on the brag board.

A: The brag board kind of creates a competitive spirit and the kids want to do well so they can see their names. When the parents come in the centre, they proudly show their and their friend's work on the Brag Board!

Q: What kind of work gets put up?

A: School tests, 100% post-assessment score

Q: Do you have a favorite memory of the Brag Board?

A: We had a student bring in their picture, with their Certificate of Achievement on the Gauss test at school to put in the Brag Board. That was a show stopper for months and many of his friends, school-mates stopped by and showed his picture to their parents.

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