A Year at Mathnasium of Scott Road!

Jan 15, 2024 | Scott Road

Q: What was your favorite math-success memory of 2023?

A: Alla has been with us since 2022. She loves working with kids. Her favorite memory of 2023 was that she got to work with R. and help her learn multiplication and division skills. R. had a really low confidence and was too shy to ask for help initially. She really enjoyed her time learning multiplication, division and so much more, and now she is confident and love math!

Q: Tell us about a student who really worked hard in 2023

A: S. started coming to Mathnasium in 2023. He worked really hard throughout the year. He did not only improve his school grades but also had a lot of fun with Mathnasium materials, and was able to earn a couple gift cards from the rewards cabinet.

Q: What have you noticed about your student’s math ability this year?

A: "Homework is no longer a struggle for my child. He enjoys his homework time at home as the Mathnasium instructors do a great job explaining the concepts to him." - SH

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