Introducing Mathnasium of St. Albert

Jan 17, 2024 | St. Albert

Introducing Mathnasium of St.Albert!

Hello from St. Albert’s exclusive, math-only learning centre, Mathnasium! Get ready for a transformative approach to mathematics education where it’s not just about teaching math; it's also about building confidence and having fun in the process. Here at Mathnasium, we develop strong foundations that foster a genuine love for the subject through customized learning programs designed for mathematical excellence and life success!

Keep reading below to learn more about us and how we will help your child succeed.

The Mathnasium Method


  1. Customized Learning Programs Tailored to Your Child's Individual Needs: Our exclusive focus on mathematics allows for highly specialized learning programs. We recognize that the journey through math is unique for everyone and we tailor programs and teaching methods to meet the needs of your specific child. It starts with personalized assessments that identify specific strengths and areas that your child needs improvement on. Whether it is reinforcement in concepts, advancing their skills, or additional support in a particular area of mathematics, we will help your child reach new heights in mathematics and confidence.

  2. Natural Language Emphasis: Our method places a strong emphasis on the use of natural language in teaching, allowing your child to make a greater sense of math. This approach helps demystify complex concepts and enables your child to develop a more intuitive understanding of mathematical principles.

  3. Understanding over Memorization: We believe the path towards math excellence is not just about memorizing facts and procedures but rather in understanding why and how to arrive at those facts and the thought process behind procedures. This develops conceptual depth and knowledge rather than basing math on rote memorization which can often fail us when we need it most.

Build Confidence


Mathnasium of St. Albert recognizes that confidence is not only key to mathematical success, but success in life too. Our learning environment is designed to build math and life skills, fostering an engaging atmosphere that builds confidence in every student inside and outside the centre.

  1. Get to the source of discomfort: Kids don’t hate math, they hate how it makes them feel. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to building confidence through positive reinforcement instilling a belief in your child that they can not only understand math, but they can excel at it too.

  2. Making Connections: We understand that emotions play a strong role in the learning abilities of every child. Therefore, we aim to get to know about the student’s lives, their hobbies, interests and what motivates them in order to inspire and find creative ways to link life experiences back to mathematical concepts.

Face-to-Face Instruction and a Fun Environment with Math Experts


Setting us apart from other general tutoring services, we focus on face-to-face instruction that creates an environment where your child can fully immerse themselves in the world of mathematics. With dedicated guidance, mathematics becomes an exciting journey, debunking the notion of it being a dry or challenging subject.

  1. Expert Instructors: Mathnasium instructors are not only passionate about mathematics but also highly specialized in the subject. With a math-only focus, the instructors bring an in-depth understanding of mathematical principles, ensuring that your child receives the expert guidance they deserve while making their learning experience enjoyable thus motivating them to excel.

  2. Real-Time Feedback: Immediate feedback is integral to mathematical learning. Mathnasium's face-to-face instruction allows your child to receive instant feedback on their work, facilitating a deeper understanding of concepts and effective correction of errors.

  3. Engaging Learning Environment: Our centre incorporates interactive tools, games, and activities that focus solely on making the world of mathematics enjoyable. Students are immersed in an engaging atmosphere where math is not just learned but experienced.


Our mission is to mark a significant leap in mathematics education by introducing an exclusive math-only learning centre to St. Albert, Alberta. With a commitment to personalized learning, face-to-face instruction, and a fun-filled atmosphere guided by passionate math experts, we are set to redefine the mathematical journey for students in St. Albert. Embrace the exclusive math-only experience and witness the transformative power of the Mathnasium method. Enroll your child today – where math is not just taught but celebrated!

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