Problem of the Week for February 4th to February 8th

Feb 3, 2024 | SW Calgary

Mathnasium of SW Calgary - Problem of the Week!

Solve the problem of the week below for your grade level. During your @HOME session, be sure to tell your instructor or email the Math Centre your answer so your ballot can be deposited into your grade level entry box before closing time on Thursday. Students attending "in-Centre" sessions can deposit their ballots in their grade level entry box any time they are in the Math Centre during the week. On Thursday evening (8:00pm), a ballot will be drawn from each Problem of the Week Entry Box and the first “correct” solution drawn from each box will win a Fabulous $10 Gift Card. All other “correct” Mathlete solutions entered will receive “2” extra punches on their Reward Card at the start of their next session in the Math Learning Centre.

Give your brain a workout!!

Be sure to enter at the start of your next session at the Math Learning Centre.

Problem of the Week for Grades 3 and 4: Emily was bringing balloons to a party, but a gust of wind blew 11 of them away. If she has 18 balloons left, how many balloons did she start with?

Problem of the Week for Grades 5 and 6: For lunch, Misha had a 590 calorie double cheeseburger, 595 calories of french fries, and a 440 calorie soda. If Misha can burn 650 calories per hour swimming at a vigorous pace, how long will it take Misha to burn off all her lunch calories.

Problem of the Week for Grades 7 and 8: Tej is building a brick wall. The entire wall will have 486 bricks. On the first day he lays 243 bricks but was more and more tired as the days went on. Each day after the first he only lays 2/3 of the number of bricks left from the previous day. How many days did it take Tej to finish the wall?

Problem of the Week for Grades 9 and above: What is the area of Quadrilateral QRST, given QR = 12, RS = 4, ST = 3, and QT = 13?


Grades 3 and 4: A terrific week of participation for the problem presented at this grade level! Sloan solved the problem and was the first correct ballot to be drawn. Well done Sloan, now come and choose a Fabulous $10 Gift Card of your choice. Dale, Anthony, Zayd, Emily, Mary, Sydney, Noura, Anaya and Brianna also solved the problem and they will each receive "extra punches" on their Reward Cards. Well done everyone!! Everyone try again this week! Come on, give your brain a workout!

Grades 5 and 6: A tricky little problem this past week for our Mathletes at this grade level but everyone did a great job. Lincoln submitted the correct solution and was the first correct ballot to be drawn. Great work Lincoln, now come and collect a Wonderful $10 Gift Card of your choice. Also solving the problem was Wynn, Jayden, Japnoor, Thomas, William and Noura who will all receive "extra punches" on their Reward Cards. Everyone be sure to devote time this week to solving the problem!! Become a Mathnasium Mathlete!

Grades 7 and 8:A difficult problem for those attempting to solve the problem this past week saw Beau producing the only correct solution to the problem being submitted. Fantastic work Beau, now come and choose a Terrific $10 Gift Card of your choice. Everyone try again this week.Mathnasium – Home of the Power Math Workout

Grades 9 and above: No Winner this past week. Everyone work on the problem again this week!! Show what you can do Mathlete!