Coronavirus Health and Safety Update to Parents

Mar 16, 2020 | Tri-Cities

Your Safety is important to us. Please continue taking proactive measures to protect your family. 
At Mathnasium, the well-being of our families is always our first priority. We are keeping up with the latest information on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and want to share some notes with you on how we are working to keep our center the safest place it can be for your children. 
Sharing is caring except when it comes to pathogens. Reducing transmission contact is our first priority. Fortunately, your child has a personal curriculum binder that is unshared. From last week, your child also given a sanitized pencil and an eraser to keep in their binders.  However, your child may want to bring and use their personal pencil/pen/eraser. 
We are sanitizing and disinfecting tables, chairs door handles, light switches etc regularly. We are also sanitizing curriculum binders after each use. For the interim, we are placing all games and toys off limits. 

We provide tissues and hand sanitizers. Practicing normal and proper handwashing techniques when your child arrives and as they needed. 

For any students exhibiting signs of a cold or the flu, we will be kindly asking parents/guardians to take them home. If your child has symptoms, please wait until they've subsided before coming back to the center. 
We will continue to provide you with regular updates through emails and posts to our Facebook channel as this situation evolves. Please reach out to our center at any time if you have any concerns that we can address. 

We have Mathnasium @Home live sessions in place for your convenience. You don’t have to stop your kids learning during this fatigue time period. They can still continue learning by connecting with their favorite instructor from Home. 

Please call the Centre Director, Dr. Anoma Mudalige at 604 474 2537, if you have any questions.  

Finally, this is a great opportunity to teach our children 
that mathematics and science are our shared foundational tools that are keeping us safe. 


Dr. Anoma Mudalige

Mathnasium of Tri-cities