Things we love about Mathnasium of Cedar Rapids!

Feb 14, 2024 | Cedar Rapids

Q: What do you love most about working at Mathnasium?

Employee Answer: I love math, and I love helping students and teaching. It is so fun to see the students smile as they learn. I also love hearing the students talk about how Mathnasium has helped them so much, that in school, they now help other students.

Q: What subject did you love most when you were in school?

Employee Answer: Of course, I loved math class the most! Solving a problem is such a satisfying feeling, and Mr. Riglin was an amazing teacher. Plus, he let us play chess if we were done with our assignment.

Q: What have you loved most about Mathnasium?

Student Answer: I like the reward cabinet. I am saving my stars to get the hoverboard. I also like knowing more in class than my friends. Before Mathnasium, I didn't. I also like spinning the wheel for my mastery checks!

Q: What have you loved most about Mathnasium?

Parent Answer: I love seeing the confidence in my daughter. Mathnasium has helped improve her grades in every subject. She now approaches homework differently. Instead of "I can't do this", she says, "How am I going to start this". She has learned how to take a big problem she doesn't know the answer to, and break it down into smaller problems that she does know the answer to. It has been a great transformation, and she is now on an advanced path!

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