Education PSA from Mathnasium Fruit Cove

Sep 1, 2022 | Fruit Cove

Our education system is in crisis and everyone with any amount of self-realization knows it. Teachers are taking early retirement in record numbers and newer teachers are looking for other career options more now than ever. Standards are being lowered and expectations for our students are plummeting. A and B grades are being given to students like candy being thrown from floats at a small town parade.

As a teacher and public school principal for 20 years before opening my own Mathnasium center, I was able to see first-hand what a difference one year of quality instruction makes vs one year of mediocre instruction. Recently, however, even the best teachers have struggled to offer their best due to interruptions from the pandemic, including being forced to teach entire classes online, multiple 10 day quarantines for both teachers and students, and now having to deal with class overcrowding and trying to keep up with students who are often 2, 3, and even 4+ grade levels behind in math. The system is failing and our kids will be paying for it for years to come without quality supplemental support.

The Federal goverment has thrown funds at school districts to help make up for their forced shutdowns, so now families are relying on "free" tutoring being offered by the same staff that are already overworked and, quite frankly, underequipped to deal with the level of remediation needed to make a meaningful and long-term difference. I may be alone but I've found that anything offered for "free" usually has a commensurate value... zero (the only exception being our FREE ASSESSMENTS).

I've been an educator my entire career and I can honestly say I've never seen students as behind in math as what I've seen recently coming into our centers. Even students in "advanced math" placements lack basic number sense and only have a superficial understanding of grade level content.

If your child is making As and Bs on their report cards but their test grades are Cs and Ds and they can't do their homework independently, that should be a red flag that there's a problem, and I don't mean "test anxiety" or ADHD or potential "dyscalcula." These are often used as scapegoat reasons for students not peforming on tests. If your child is having "anxiety" over math tests it's likely because they don't know the math. It's amazing how so many Mathnasium students are able to overcome these labels and excel, as though they weren't the real cause for their struggles afterall.

Give us a call, click on the link, or stop by our center to schedule a free assessment with us so we can find out EXACTLY what your child knows and doesn't know. Whether your child is struggling, or advanced and getting bored in class, we can tailor a plan to help break them away from the rest of the pack and help them reach their potential!

Sincerely, Jason Reeves, M.ED. Owner, Mathnasium Fruit Cove (904)287-2874