Meet Allie Goulet - a Mathnasium Superstar!

Aug 29, 2022 | Fruit Cove

Guys! We simply cannot. wait. another. minute. to introduce you to your local Mathnasium superstar!

Meet Allie Goulet!

Mathnasium of Fruit Cove asked Allie Goulet some questions to help you understand what Mathnasium is all about.

So, Allie Goulet, How did you feel about math before you started coming to Mathnasium? A: HATED IT! No really, I did.

How do you feel about math now? A: It's not as bad as it was before, i'm not going to say its fun but it's for sure easier now.

What are some fun things you like to do where you live? A: Hockey and driving my golf cart around

And finally, the most burning question, if you were going to get ice cream, where would you go and what would you order? A: Brusters real ice cream, and I would get cotton candy explosion with two scoops on a waffle cone, the pop rocks are so good!

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