Mathnasium of Greenville Five Forks is bursting to tell you about our instructor, Geraldine Abinader!

Oct 14, 2022 | Greenville Five Forks

Geraldine Abinader is one of our elite instructors at Mathnasium of Greenville Five Forks,

whose job it is to teach kids to feel confident and become successful in math. We interviewed Geraldine to give you a sneak peak of how great she is:

So, Geraldine, What do you love most about teaching here? A: One of my first loves is math, so much so that I majored in it and for a few years I taught advanced high school math courses ranging from Geometry, IB Math, to AP Calculus AB. I love how we are all about math, making it make sense to students of all ages, and interacting with our community.

What's your favorite success story at Mathnasium? A: The great thing about Mathnasium is that success is uniquely defined for every student, as it should be, since all are at different phases in their math educational journey. My favorite aspect of student's success is their gratitude and comments regarding how they grasp the concept with more ease and understand real-world applications.

If I was to catch you at your favorite local restaurant, what would it be and what would you order? A: You'd probably catch me at Kairos and I love anything on their menu, especially their bowls with falafel.

What is your favorite place to go on the weekend? A: I love being outdoors when the weather is nice. Whether it's walking downtown, taking a bike ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, or going on a hike.

Tell me that last movie you saw and enjoyed. A: A few months ago I watched Top Gun: Maverick with my family and loved it.