Happy Black History Month

Feb 8, 2022 | Hinsdale

Happy Black History Month

Below we have curated a list of Black Inventors and their inventions.  Look below to learn about some of the cool inventions that affect our everyday lives.


Alexander Miles- Automatic Elevator Doors

A.L. Cralle- Ice Cream Mold

Augustus Jackson- Ice Cream

Elijah McCoy- Lawn Sprinkle

F.J. Loudin- Key Chain

Garrett Morgan - The Three Light Traffic Light

George Crum- The Potatoes Chip

George Sampson- Clothes Dryer

Henry Sampson- Cellphone

John L. Love- Pencil Sharpener

Lydia Newman- Hair Brush

Mary Van Britten Brown- Home Security System

O. Dorsey- Door Knob

Paul E. Williams- Helicoptor

Robert Fleming Jr.- Guitar

Tom J. Marshall- Fire Extinguisher

W.B. Purvis- Fountain Pen


To find out more about famous black inventions click on some of the links included below!