How Mathnasium of New Tampa helps MOTIVATE students!

Feb 14, 2023 | New Tampa

Glad you asked! Let’s take a sneak peak inside your local Mathnasium of New Tampa and ask their instructors!

Q: What helps students in your center stay motivated?

A: Students stay motivated because we have a fully stocked reward cabinet that has a variety of goodies in it!

Q: Tell us about the reward cabinet!

A: Rewards start at one punch card and go all the way up to 350 punch cards for a Nintendo Switch! We have lots of items in between and they range from chips, candy, squishies, stuffed animals, squishmallows, games, Legos, mystery boxes, slime, bubble poppers, and more!

Q: How do students earn prizes from the reward cabinet?

A: Students spend punch cards that they earn to get items from the reward cabinet. Students get one star punch for each completed page, but they can also earn extra stars on perfect mastery checks, wearing Mathnasium ""swag,"" and spinning a digital prize wheel.

Q: How does your center celebrate student success?

A: We have a Brag Board that we love adding to!

Q: What is your favorite student success story?

A: We had a struggling but extremely hard working student enroll when he was 8th grade. He was a Mathnasium student continuously until he graduated High School, and when he graduated he was valedictorian of the entire class! We are honored to be a part of his journey.