Mathnasium of New Tampa's Top 5 Moments!

Apr 22, 2023 | New Tampa

1. Our favorite “aha!” moment with a student.

A: I love it when students that have come to us relying on counting on their fingers learn mental math techniques so they aren't dependent on using their fingers anymore! So for something like 22+9, instead of counting 9 more on their fingers they can think, "I know that 22+10=32, but nine is one less than ten, so that means that 22+9=31"

2. A time when a student earned a reward.

A: We just had a student save up 350 punch cards and get a Nintendo Switch for his brother on his brother's birthday! The generosity of our students leave me speechless.

3. Positive parent experience.

A: We are very proud that we have over 100 five star google reviews! Parent and student satisfaction is our largest priority, and we are go grateful when they thank us back with a kind review :)

4. Favorite ways to teach concepts.

A: I love how we teach percents. We teach that the word "per cent" literally breaks down to mean "for each 100." So if we need to solve 7% of 300, we can think about having 7 for the first hundred, 7 for the second 100, and 7 for the third 100. So 7+7+7 = 21

5. A time when a student scored well on a test.

A: We assess our students every 6-8 weeks and I love seeing the progress that each student gains during that period. We have a number of students that are way ahead of their grade level because of all of the hard work they have put in at Mathnasium. "