Why Choosy Parents Keep Choosing Mathnasium of North Scottsdale.

Dec 14, 2022 | North Scottsdale

"####Welcome back! Today Mathnasium of North Scottsdale wants to introduce you to one of our proud parents, Betty B.

Q:How long has your child been enrolled?
We started about 6 months ago. Time passed fast!

Q:What part of Mathnasium North Scottsdale stood out to you on your first visit?
Rachael was super nice and friendly. Right away my son was drawn to her and was happy to work with her on the assessment test. He was nervous going into Mathnasium but Rachael quickly put his mind at ease. I was also impressed by the assessment test. Since homeschool textbooks do not correspond with public school grades, it was difficult to tell exactly what grade my son was in as far as his math level. He was also not used to taking tests, so the assessment took a lot longer than expected. The center was very patient with him and allowed him additional time for his tests. They also worked with him to ensure that the ones he got wrong were due to his lack of math skills rather than misunderstanding the questions. Then when we discovered that he was a grade above what we thought he was in math, they allowed him to do another assessment. It took a few tries to really pinpoint where to start with my son, but we got there eventually!

Q:What do you tell other parents when they ask about Mathnasium?
As a homeschool mom with a child who resists doing math, Mathnasium has been so helpful in ensuring that my son continues to learn and progress in math. I am impressed by how the center focuses on the skills he needs to work on instead of giving him busy work. If the tutor notices he is going through worksheets too fast, then he/she would skip to the mastery test and see if they can jump ahead to another skill. On the flip side, I like how the progress check ensures that the critical skills he may need a little more review on are added back into his learning plan so that he is not just going ahead to another topic without fulling mastering the skills.

Q:What changes have you noticed in your child’s math education?
We had a lot of trouble with my son prior to Mathnasium. We went through a phase where if I just get out the math textbook he would start throwing a tantrum. After a few months at Mathnasium, I started getting out math workbooks again at home, and I was pleasantly surprised that he is now liking math a lot more. At home, I focus on doing word problems and logic problems with him, and I could see that he is using the arithmetic skills he learned at Mathnasium to solve these problems. The difference in his attitude towards math not only allowed me to start teaching him math again at home, but also improved our relationship overall."