Why Choosy Parents Keep Choosing Mathnasium of Okemos.

Dec 14, 2022 | Okemos

"####Welcome back! Today Mathnasium of Okemos wants to introduce you to one of our proud parents, Didi Zeng.

Q:How long has your child been enrolled?
4 months

Q:What part of Mathnasium Okemos stood out to you on your first visit?
I felt that everything was very systematic and well ran. I really like the system on how the center is being ran. There was a good balance of independence work and helped offered. I felt confident enrolling to Mathnasium

Q:What do you tell other parents when they ask about Mathnasium?
I would recommend them to the center! Mathnasium personalize the math curriculum according to the child. They work well with children who are struggling with math and offer more challenging math work to those who are more advance.

Q:What changes have you noticed in your child’s math education?
Shawn has been less fustrated with his math homework. There are some math concepts (long division) he struggle in school, but he is getting more confident and more willing to do his math work."