Things we love about Mathnasium of Park City!

Feb 14, 2024 | Park City

Q: What do you love most about working at Mathnasium?

Instructor Answer: I love seeing students' confidence grow after understanding a difficult concept. It is very rewarding to see them believe in themselves ;-) -Meena

Q: What subject did you love most when you were in school?

Instructor Answer: I loved Chemistry, not really because of the subject but because of the teacher. She taught me that when faced with a subject that was difficult to learn, teaching how to learn and how to approach problem solving was much more important than learning the specific material. A lesson much more valuable outside of school than I first realized. -Matt

Q: What have you loved most about Mathnasium?

Student Answer: I love the work we get done and the wheel spin. I am getting so much better at math! - Grace, 3rd Grader

Q: What have you loved most about Mathnasium?

Parent Answer: It takes a village! Love all the instructors and support system in all aspects - not just the math - thank you Mathnasium! - Julie

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