Mathnasium of Parker tells us how they celebrate the success of their students

Nov 15, 2023 | Parker

Q: How does Mathnasium celebrate its student's success?

A: We love celebrating our students' successes in a few ways. When students complete a topic and do their mastery check for that topic, they can choose to ring a service bell and our entire center applauds them. They also get to spin a prize wheel for extra goodies. We also encourage students to bring in their math tests and quizzes from school. If it is a 90% or higher, we celebrate with a Nerd Award which is a certificate, nerd rope candy and their photo posted on our brag board along with their test or quiz. If a student is proud of any other achievement (school-related or not), we love to post that on our brag board as well!

Q: Tell me about student’s reactions to having their work on the brag board.

A: Our students love seeing their work on our brag board. It definitely helps increase their confidence and their desire to push themselves.

Q: What kind of work gets put up?

A: We put up anything that students are proud of. We always put up copies of school tests and quizzes that they did well on, as well as, other activities besides school and math.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory of the Brag Board?

A: We had one student who was quite shy at our center and did not love math. However, she loved acting and got the lead in her school play. We put up a picture of her in her costume and holding flowers after her opening night. She was thrilled to have been recognized for something that she was passionate about!

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